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Healing Arts/Holistic Health Fair
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Bodywork and more and more...

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Jaffrey Mellor Technique
Tuning Forks
Neuromodulation Technique

 Gerri is an acupuncturist of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has knowledge of Chinese herbal therapy. Within TCM she does cupping, moxibustion, electro-stim, TCM nutritional therapy and auricular acupuncture.   She has worked with some clients who are connecting with their higher consciousness using esoteric acupuncture to assist them to connect better with their higher self and into the grid system.  Gerri also works with the Jaffey Mellor Technique to reset all the systems in the body to function as they were designed to do; free of sensitivities, imbalances, pain, emotional and psychological stressors, low energy, and toxins.  She has been doing quite a few treatments with tuning forks. These are the forks from the Acutonics gals and are the vibration of each of the planets.  You can reach Gerri at Dancing Fish Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine,

Energetic Healing
Angela offers a number of integrated massage techniques including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu for Structural Dysfunction, Trigger Point Therapy, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, and other energetic healing modalities.   She works with stress management as well as pain relief.  See her web site Serenity Unlimited and Experience Serenity. You can reach Angela at Body Therapy in Broomfield at 303-466-1110 or in Longmont at 303-776-7882; E-mail -
Shawn Jones

Energetic Healing
Shawn is a body worker who works with both physical and etheric bodies. He is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and is trained in deep tissue, Neuromuscular, and Myofascial techniques. He also offers 22 strand DNA activations, energy balancing, negative crystal removal, and Reiki.  Shawn is a Reiki Master and trained and initiated to do 22 strand DNA activations at the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, a valid mystery school of the lineage of King Solomon. Call Shawn at 303-830-2079 or e-mail him at


Chair Massage

Energetic Healing and Readings
Chiwa is a CMT and  will  be offering Chair Massage.  Relax and destress with a great massage for the body and for the mind.  With readings for the spirit.  She is also an ordained minister and  Reiki Master.  She offers intuitive readings & spiritual counseling, Aura & chakra clearing, Reiki, Christ Force healing, massage, Angel Therapy (she studied with Doreen Virtue), and BioGenesis treatments.  Distant readings & healings are available, and Chiwa also teaches Reiki & spiritual tools class, along with Infant Massage..  Located in Boulder, you can contact her at 720-203-7966.   E-mail:

Free Workshops   |   Energetic Healing   |   Bodywork and more   |   Intuitive Counseling   |   Hpynotherapy
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