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Vendors From Oct. 5, 2003

LAUREN SWAIN - The Mind's Eye  "I have been making my own line of jewelry for about 14 years. My jewelry is sold at about 20 local and national Metaphysical stores. I carry many fine crystal and mineral specimens which I take pains to choose for their unique beauty. ( I also carry hand-selected imported jewelry, which I will include in my display when the show operator deems it appropriate). I've always enjoyed the incredible diversity of color and form that nature creates with minerals in the earth. I especially enjoy combining these gems into jewelry to magnify their beauty and power."

LYNDA HILBURN -  SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School
Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy CD's and Tapes.  Powerful, healing and transformative!  Guided Hypnotherapy Sessions on CD with Beautiful & Soothing Music. These powerful Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy sessions on CD are like having a private hypnotherapy session with Lynda in the privacy of your own home!  Explore your inner worlds, uncover your beliefs, and change your life!!   You can go to her CD web site for more.

CARMEN JONES FRAGRANCES - Candles, Incense, and more.
Beautiful aromas fill the air when you burn these wonderful candles and incense.  Gift baskets are available in time for the holidays.  Baskets also available for weddings, showers and other fine affairs.  Carmen Jones is located in Greeley, and all her products are hand-poured, with a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils that make for a very exotic aromatic experience.  Many of her aromatic creations are from ancient gypsy lore, handed down through the generations and gifted to Carmen by the last survivor of an ancient clan.  
And for those cold winter nights, some hand-crocheted afghans to keep you nice and warm and cozy.  You can reach her through BHA at